48-205 Architecture Design Studio: Composition

NCMA 2nd Year Studio Design Competition | Honorable Mention

Second Year, Spring 2015

Advised by Nick Liadis 


Situated in the scenic Crawford Notch in New Hampshire, the bathhouse aims to provide hikers traveling along the Appalachian Trail with a serendipitous place to bathe, relax, and meet other hikers. To avoid creating an abrupt disruption in the pristine natural experience through the mountain range, the entrance to the bathhouse is presented subtly and gradually. As architectural elements slowly start working their way into the inside of the program--path, steps, screens, canopy, and wall, lead you into a series of experiences that serve as constant reminder that one is never completely enclosed away from nature. 

Spurring an experience of discovery, the gradual introduction and removal of architectural elements guides you through the built environment: constantly blurring the distinction between inside and outside.